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 abbie sam mia me 


 smoky bones


me mike drew abbie sam


 luke lauren me jess nick



drawing the clocktower with Damien

sara and rea


 emily and me (yikes. no make up.)


 cabin 3, 2nd session


 rachel's head and my shoes


 apparently CIT's like pine apples

  This Spaniard has tendencys to roll down hills in sleeping bags


ooo lauren


 it is.


Bradley and Kelly, dining hall porch.


cabin 3=gorgeous

 me lauren vera rea sara kelly (jeesh she looks ripped)

 two words. Rock Drop.

lucia and mwah.

me and emily.

 Lucia batting packets of peanut butter with her flashlight

Home is where your heart is.

alex and sally

 oooo sadie. I think he had to bend over so I could put my arm around him. Ha!  Cabin 3, 1st session. Esther, Schmiddy, Lilly, Me, Isis, Gina, Meaghan, Marie Eve

 oooo kelly.

 Green benches.

lucas maggie me on the stump  Me and Karl.


 me and juliana  I guess I spun the camera





 Me and Katherine double skiing

 My dad is obsessed with that boat  Katherine give me crayons for my birthday.

 Picute for the mantle peice when these two get married

ok so we all look like crap there. dirt road '05


My little sister. Isn't she cute.  Sisters

 the family  

 we tube


Wow. that's a lot of pictutres, and I look like crap in 95% of them. Ha. I ten to forget the use of make up uring the summer


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